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Terry Prince Egli

Terry's Egli

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Ken's Touring Rapide

Ken's Touring Rapide

Total basket case that came to us in boxes. Original touring rapide that is being restored. See More Photos..

Joe's White Shadow Series C

Joe's White Shadow Series C

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Roger's Black shadow

Roger's Black Shadow

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John's Tighe Vincent

John's Tighe Vincent

Engine for Tighe Cooper car. Putting new pistons, cylinders and electric start with picador heads and scintilla magneto. See More Photos..

Mattís 1949 Touring Rapide

1949 Vincent Touring Rapide

This bike was restored many years ago but didnít run well. So basically it looked good. It came to Sam in need of brakes and new wiring harness; he rebuilt and synced the carbs, installed a new exhaust and completely rewired it.

Alís 1950 Transitional Rapide

1950 Vincent Transitional Rapide

Al brought me this transitional Rapide motor in pieces; he did the chassis. It was a total rebuild with new bearings, crank, heads, and barrels. We put a new V3 clutch in and Gary Robinsonís 105 cams.

1952 Vincent Black Shadow Total Rebuild

1952 Vincent Black Shadow

Mike White had completed a rebuild on this Shadow engine and transmission. However, the remaining pieces of it came in cardboard boxes. Sam stripped the cycle parts to bare metal and completely rebuild the front forks, the UFM and RFM, the wheels, brakes, etc. He rewired the bike, upgraded all hardware to stainless, and got it running, tuned and on the road.

1950 Vincent Rapide

1950 Vincent Rapide

This Rapide needed a good going-over.

2005 Vincent Egli Total Rebuild

2005 Vincent Egli

This bike came to Sam as a running bike that shouldnít have been running: the crank shaft was off center in the bore so badly that you couldnít kick it over. Sam completely rebuilt the engine, including splitting the crank. Itís now a daily rider for the owner.

Manganaro 1965 Triton Tune-up

1965 Triton

Not a Vincent, but Samís interests in other unique bikes led him to this beauty, which he rebuilt, tuned and polished.

Manganaro 1949 Transitional Rapide

1949 Vincent Transitional Rapide

Samís first Vincent, this is the one he enjoys riding the most, in part, because of the custom brakes he installed and the sonorous straight pipes.

Manganaro 1955 Black Knight

1955 Vincent Black Knight

This bike was bought out of a barn and Sam, the bikeís third owner, put it back on the road after a complete rebuild.

Sam Manganaro's Vincent Works

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